Initial One Hour Consultation £250 – £300

Citizenship (Naturalisation or Registration) £980 – £5,000.

EEA applications (e.g. Registration Certificate, Permanent Residence or Family Members) £900 – £4,000

Partner or parent applications £ 1,300 – £4,800

Indefinite Leave to Remain applications
(e.g. on basis of Long Residence, family relationships, or other routes) £1,300 – £4,800

Points Based System applications (in-country or from abroad)
Tier 1: £2,200 – £7,800
Tier 2: £1,500 – £5,000
Tier 4: £950 – £2,500
Family Member Immigration Appeal – £2,700 – £5,500

Deportation – £2,000 – £5,500

The above fees are exclusive of VAT at 20% and disbursements.

Judicial Reviews – Please contact us for a quotation based on your circumstances

Asylum Applications and Appeals – Please contact us for a quotation based on your circumstances

What our service involves:

We offer a professional service with very reasonable fees and flexible payment terms for all of our clients. If clients cannot afford to pay our fee in full at the time of the instructions, we are happy to have an arrangement with them to pay by installments. Our agreed fee covers all work relating to your matter including;

Taking initial instructions
Providing advice on which documents would be needed for the client’s application
Checking the support documents for the application/appeal
Preparing the necessary application/appeal forms on client’s behalf
Preparing grounds of appeal
Preparing representations in support of client’s application
Sending the application form, representations and support evidence to the Home Office
Representing the client at the tribunal hearings/appeals
All communication between the Home Office and other agencies concerning your application/appeal until we receive a written decision in client’s matter.
Please be advised that we will not issue any refund if you withdraw your instructions. Furthermore, please note that the fees quoted does not include the Home Office fees and other disbursements, client will be responsible for paying the Home Office fees/appeal fees/disbursements (HO fees vary depending on the type of the application). Most Home Office applications now attract Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). These fees will be ascertained and communicated to the client for approval prior to any application.

Time Estimate

It is difficult to estimate how long it will take before the Home Office can reach a decision in client’s matter as this will depend on a case and a caseworker dealing with the application. However, we can only give a rough estimate that most straight forward cases can take between 3 to 6 months for the Home Office to provide a decision, and complicated cases can take between 3 to 12 months for the Home Office to reach a decision.